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AFR-24S Automatic Sheet Feeder Finisher - Cutting & Creasing

GCC Sheet Feeder Cutter & Creaser AFR-24S, provides Cutting and Creasing in one single process, thanks to the Dual Head cutting system! Unattended operation with guaranteed precise contour Cutting & Creasing, that will satisfy diverse needs in custom labels, transfer decals and many more!

GCC AFR-24S - Highlights :
  • Dual Head for Cutting & Creasing in one single process!
  • Suction cup facilitates automated sheets feeding process!
  • The special design Magnetic Sheet Separation Mechanism ensures single sheet feeding each time for an uninterrupted workflow.
  • Supports media up to B3 size that accommodate most commonly used media size.
  • Multiple sets of settings (16colors) for fast and easy handling!
  • Up to 50mm media stacking, great capacity tray allows unattended operation.
  • Enchanced AAS II System: Optical mark recognition for Contour Cutting of printed stickers
  • Media tray collects completed cutting sheets, to keep your media off the floor and away from dust or contaminants.

Automatic Sheet Feeder Cutter & Creaser AFR-24S which handles sheets up to B3 (optional B2), covers cutting needs for labels, heat transfer graphics, labels and much more.

Main difference from AFJ-24S, is the Dual Head, that allows to use Creasing tool together with Cutting tool in one single process! This sets AFR-24S an ideal machine for sampling and small carton box productions for 200-350gr cartons.

AFR-24S is using an Enhanced Visual Identification System (Enchanced AAS II) which always provides the required accuracy for excellent contour cutting of printed stickers.

With Suction Cups that facilitates automated sheet feeding process, with Sheet Separation thanks to the specially designed system which ensures that only one sheet is fed at a time and a capacity of 50 mm stack of sheets, AFR-24S is the ideal solution for automated production in the workplace.

When a sheet is completed, it automatically falls into the leaf stacker tray and is kept clean, away from dust and dirty floors, waiting for all the rest copies we have requested to finish.

With AFR-24S, job is done in 4 simple steps: Loading of sheet media, automatic identification of identification points, contour cutting and creasing, media collecting of finished sheets.


Key Features
Machinery Kind Sheet Feeder Cutter
Width Sheets Α4 up to Β3 (optional Β2)
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