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MUTOH in brief..

Mutoh started 1952 at Japan and is worldwide famous for the high quality, of the Large Format Printers that builds! Mutoh EMEA is responsible for Europe, Middle East and Africa areas, while Mutoh America for the North and South America countries.
Mutoh may be present all over the world, but the key of the success is that Mutoh is always next to you, no matter which country your business is!
Fully trained local distributors, will not only help at the right choise of the propers printer to best cover your demands, but will be there, after the sale as well!
Dataworks is the Official Distributor of Greece, for all Mutoh product range !
Mutoh porducts are divided to four main categories, covering the most important industries of the large format digital printing market.

Inventor and Creator

Mutoh is not simply a good printer manufacturer. Mutoh is an Inventor and Creator of Innovative Technologies and has created many of the today's revolutionary technologies that really changed the today of the large format printing industry !
Mutoh technologies have changed the world of the typical performance for the todays large format Printers in general !
Thanks to these technologies and the uncompromised build quality of the 'made in Japan' famous Mutoh printers, its name has been a synonym of impecable printing quality, even at high speed printing, when reliability and stability of printing process, is a must for the customer!

Mutoh - 65 years of innovation !

Industry Leading Technologies

Mutoh Technologies

UV LED Local Dimming Control
Piezo Head Technology
MS 31 / MS 41 Eco Solvent Ink
UH21 Rigid LED UV Inks
US11 Flexible LED UV Inks
Eco-Ultra Inks for ValueJet series
UMS Mild Solvent Inks
G5 Rigid LED UV Inks for PerformanceJet
DS2 Series Dye Sublimation Inks

RIP software Mutoh Edition

Onyx RIPCenter Mutoh Edition
SAi FlexiPRINT SE Mutoh Edition
Digital Factory UV Software