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GCC in brief..

Founded in 1989, GCC is a global manufacturing company producing a broad range of quality products including cutting plotters, laser engravers, laser markers, laser cutters, UV-curable inkjet printers, and digital finish equipment for various applications such as signage & advertising, personalization & identification, gifts & promotions, apparel and electronics industries.
Headquartered in Taiwan; through a worldwide network of authorized distributors and branch offices in United States, Europe and China, GCC commits to persistently pursue the goal of providing the best performance achievable in technologies, services and solutions, to meet customers’ needs.
Blending with the state-of-the-art research & development resources, GCC has developed a philosophy that consists of a strong technological foundation, coupled with a customer-oriented product development focus that truly reflects market requirements. GCC values each customer with individualistic consideration and appreciation.
This mentality is the basis for GCC staff while we make any decisions or design any machines.
Fully trained local distributors, will not only help at the right choise of the propers printer to best cover your demands, but will be there, after the sale as well!
Dataworks is the Official Distributor of Greece, for GCC products !

GCC knowledge Base..

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