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The brand new roll cutter Summa S One Series, built completely from the base, is the next step in growing your business.
Delivers outstanding and reliable cutting quality over extended lengths of material!

Summa S One - Highlights :
  • The One to change the game!
  • D60, D120, D140, D140FX, D160!
  • Enhanced ease-of-use!
  • Cost-effective cutter for high-volume vinyl cutting jobs with high contour cutting accuracy.
  • Legendary tracking for ultimate precision!
  • OPOS Alignment for smart production!
  • OPOS Xtra to cut intrinsic details!
  • Ergonomic TouchScreen!
  • Unmatched Die-Cutting Precision!
  • Ethernet, USB and WiFi connectivity!
  • State-of-the-art drive system!

The One to change the game!

S1 D160 is Summa’s largest cost-effective vinyl roll cutter
It represents the ideal  cutting  solution  for  startup  sign makers who want to automate
their cutting workflow and extend their applications including jobs with high contour cutting accuracy..
S1 D160 accepts media
187-1690mm wide, cut 1580mm (1640mm at 'oversized mode') while providing 600gr of cutting power and speed up to 1131mm/s (diagonally).

S One is built on Summa's legendary performance, featuring an excellent material transport system to process the job accurately and continuously.
8m long safe tracking accuracy for less than 762mm wide rolls and 4m long safe tracking accuracy for wider than 762mm rolls.

Enjoy enhanced ease-of-use with integrated intelligent features, such as an intuitive coloured touchscreen, blue mechanical parts
for easy navigation and easy connectivity to most common computers in the market via Ethernet, USB & WiFi connection ports.

The next OPOS evolution is the OPOS Xtra alignment method,  designed  to  handle  irregular  
material  deformation  over  the  length of the print by adding extra XY lines between the designs.
This method is especially beneficial for the processing of small sticker jobs

Includes GoSign software!
GoSign software is your first choice cutting software designed for the Summa roll cutters.
Manage your preferred workflow with great flexibility and automated cutting options, custom configuration of action sets, easy
plug-ins for design programs and much more.

The S1 D160 model includes stand & basket.  
The  mesh  basket  collects  the  cut  media, preventing dust and debris from sticking onto the media.
The basket also neatly organizes vinyl and other media when processing multiple jobs.

Key Features
Machinery Kind Vinyl Cutters Roll
Width 158 cm
Length Roll