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Jaguar V series J5-61/LX

Jaguar V series J5-61/LX

Jaguar V series 61 - 101 - 132 - 160 - LX

The brand new Jaguar V series is the leading Cutting Plotter series of the market today. With its unique and amazing features, Jaguar V responds to the most demanding needs of today's proffessionals!

Jaguar V - Highlights:
  • Full range of products: J5-61, 101, 132, 160
    also available /LX models
  • Cutting force up to 600 grams !
  • Cutting speed up to 1524 mm/s !
  • 10m of continuous media tracking capability!
  • Excellent connectivity 3 ports avaliable: Ethernet, USB & serial !
  • Section Cutting Feature for easy handling very long jobs!
  • Enchanced AAS II System: Optical Mark Recognition for Contour Cutting of printed stickers (LX versions)
  • Smart & improved treatment of marks that contain vinyl distortion errors from printing!
  • Tangential mode, for clean cuts, small letters and complex graphics with smooth corners on thick objects!
  • Windows Driver for sending jobs directly from Corel!

Jaguar V line, is the apex of technology of cutting plotters today.
Jaguar J5-61 (610mm cutting width) inherits all the amazing characteristics of Jaguar V series!
With cutting force up to 600grams, speed up to 1524 mm/s, tracking system which safely pushes up to 10 meters of media and ultimate reliability, it will satisfy even the most demanding professionals!

Jaguar V is equipped with the most modern innovations of GCC :

LX versions are equipped with Enchanced Automatic Alignment System II (AAS II) for mark detection, allowing the cutting of printed materials easily and with absolute precision, even when there is an error or defection of the print area, once you can manage the job in sectors/segments and handle each mark seperately.
Even if we feed our media rotated, with automatic mark recognition, the machine will rotate the job automatically!

With the Selective Pinch Roller Positioning, we can handle each roller individually for the perfect fit on our material, even when they are out of the usual dimensions.
Thanks to the Section Cutting Feature, we can split very long jobs in segments and work them individually for hassle free management of the media and precise cutting.
It has Ethernet and USB ports for connecting it with our computer.

With the Add-on Flat Table (Front and Rear Flat Table / available only for -61 models) it expands your market reach, since you can manage different materials like paper and light carton, for the production of prototype packaging objects and even more!

With the (optional) Media Basket, the finished jobs are dirt and dust free, even for long rolls!

Key Features
Machinery Kind Roll Cutter
Width 610 mm
Length Roll

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