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Expert II 52 - 52LX

Expert II 52 - 52LX

Expert II Series 24 - 52 - LX

The Expert II series is the perfect choice for begginers!
It provides the sign-maker with optimal speed, awesome quality, reliable operation, maintaining very low depriciation costs.
It delivers fantastic graphics, with cutting speeds up to 705mm/s (635mm/s for the EX-52 model) and
350grams of cutting force!

Expert II - Highlights :
  • Cutting speeds up to 705mm/s - in 45 degree orientation (635mm/s for the EX-52 model)
  • Cutting force of up to 350 grams!
  • Safe tracking of 3 meters continuous roll!
  • Provided with AAS II (LX models), for contour cutting of printed vinyls!
  • Excellent connectivity with 2 options: USB and printer serial!
  • Direct output from Corel, thanks to the intergrated Windows Driver!

With cutting speeds up to 635mm/s Expert II-52 and Expert II-52LX, provide stable cutting quality in good working times.
Combined with the 350gramms of cutting force, you can work on more demanding materials.

They are equipped with an advanced tracking system for continuous forwarding of vinyl up to 3 meters without a problem.
At the front of the machine there is a special groove, for matching fit with the handy cut-off tool, allowing the straight cutting of the finished job before moving to the next one, without wasting material.

With the 2 connectivity ports (USB & Serial), you have an easy solution for communication with our computer, but also an alternative that will keep us working even in case something goes wrong with our PC port.

You can easily adjust the parameters of the machine, within the user-friendly VLCD program, and when finished, you can send your jobs directly from Corel, quickly and with ease, thanks to the Windows Driver!

The LX models, are equipped with the AAS II feature (Automatic Alignment System II), for precise and quick contour cutting on printed vinyls.

Key Features
Machinery Kind Roll Cutter
Width 1320 mm
Length Roll