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Spirit GLS Hybrid is the flagship of the award winning line of GCC SPIRIT engravers. Cutting, Engraving, Marking on metal objects, all in one machine without compromising at quality!

Spirit GLS Hybrid – Highlights:
  • CO2 and Fiber laser in one single machine, for using both organic and metal materials!
  • Reliable and for years established high performance motion system, with closed loop DC servo motors!
  • Faster production with fine quality for every small detail!
  • Bigger productivity, with SmartACT™ technology!
  • Easy access for maintenance, thanks to the SmartLID™ covers!
  • 3D engravings with awesome results, thanks to the 3 Dimentional Engraving Function!
  • Possibility to use CCD Camera (optional), for the contour cutting of printed objects!
  • Pass-Through (optional) feature, allows you can to place and work on very long objects!
  • Innovative Windows Driver for cutting and engraving directly from Corel!

This is the Flagship of the multi-award winning GCC Spirit Series!
Spirit GLS Hybrid combines all the advantages of its CO2 predecessors, with additional the possibility to include a Fiber laser source for marking on metal objects.
It features a working table of 860mm x 610mm that can be expanded up to 965mm x 610mm.

Fast and reliable motion with absolute precision, thanks to the closed loop DC SERVO motors.
Combined with the high quality metal RF CO2 laser source, it delivers incredible results with incomperable detail!

On top of these features, the patented, innovative SmartACT™ technology reduces the ramping process of the carriage, minimising working time for maximum productivity.
The red dot pointer is placed right next to the RF source, providing us with better accuracy of where our job will be placed on the object.
The patented SmartCENTER™ feature, allows us to place the job we want to execute, quickly, right in the middle of our object.

All these are operated through an advanced Windows Driver, allowing communication with the machine directly from Corel. Driver includes more innovative solutions for all our tasks.
3D Engraving feature, utilises the use of 200 gray scales, providing astonishing 3d engraving results.
Additionaly, Stamp Mode provides the control to adjust the Ramp Shoulder Levels, for amazing quality stamp engraving!

With the optional use of CCD camera, you get easily precision and quickess in contour cutting of printed objects!

You can use the (optional) Pass Through feature, for easy placing very long objects, by opening the front and back doors.

Spirit GLS Hybrid can be equipped with the (optional) Smartbox, with different work surfaces for cutting or engraving, depending on customer/application needs..


Key Features
Subcategory Laser Cut, Engrave, Mark
Machinery Kind Laser CO2 for Acylic, Wood, Paper, etc
Laser Source Technology RF Laser
Width 960 mm
Length 610 mm