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Mercury III maintains the inheritance of three generations of Mercury, in stable engraving quality. Now equipped with closed loop DC servo motors, it achieves faster carriage movement, maintaining the accuracy that is demanded for best results!

MERCURY III - Highlights:
  • Precision, Speed and reliability in motion, with closed loop DC servo motors!
  • RF Laser Source, allows for absolute control, for even the hardest details.
  • Auto Focus on the material with the press of one button!
  • Place the material anywhere on the working table, with Drag and Play YOU define where the job starts!
  • With SmartCENTER technology we can easily center our work in any shape object!
  • Improved Windows Print Driver with over 200 levels of gray, for amazing 3d engravings!
  • With the smart stamp feature, you have uncomparable quality in every stamp and with great rigidy for stamping!

With a working area of 790 x 530 milimeters, and a total length of 1125 milimeters, Mercury III satisfies all needs, with engravings that stand out.

Rigid body combined with accuracy in motion from the closed loop DC servo motors and the detail the RF laser source can provide, constant, reliable and detailed high quality results can be guaranteed for a lot of years.

Opening the front and the back door (optional), we can place objects without limitations on the lenght, since we only need to have a way to stabilize them on the same height.

By pressing one single button, the auto focus fuction brings the material automatically, to the right distance needed for excellent cutting and engraving results.
With the Drag N Play feature, the operator can move the carriage to any poin in the working area he desires and the job will start from that point.
With the innovative, patented SmartCENTER feature, we can easily place the job at the center of our object/material.
You can use the capabilities of the user friendly, fuctional Windows Driver, with special features, like Stamp Mode, which allows you to adjust the Ramp Shoulder Level for unmatching quality in stamp engraving, or the 3D engraving featuring 200 levels of gray for amazing 3D engraves.
Enabling Bridge Cutting you can further develop more products for your business by creating prototype package boxes, fullfiling all your customer needs.

Optionally you can use the Pass Through option, which lets you place objects of any length inside the machine, by just opening the front and back door.


Key Features
Subcategory Laser Cut, Engrave, Mark
Machinery Kind Laser CO2 for Acylic, Wood, Paper, etc
Laser Source Technology RF Laser
Width 635 mm
Length 458 mm