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GCC X380

GCC X380

GCC X380

GCC 380 is a well established in the market laser machine, equipped with a glass sealed CO2 laser tube, providing reliable operation and excellent quality, both for cutting and engraving !

X380 - Highlights :
  • Closed loop DC servo motors for high speed performance with precision, in cutting and engraving!
  • Solid build body for steady motion during work, excels in cutting and engraving quality!
  • Easy to use with shortcuts on the control panel, for the basic everyday operations!
  • Auto focus on the material surface with the press of one single button!
  • Drag n Play feature : Move the carriage with your hand, and the laser will start working from that point!
  • Execute your files directly from your design program, for increased productivity!
  • Engrave on objects up to 165 mm thanks to the vertical moving working area!
  • Pass Through (optional) available for loading and engraving longer objects with ease, just by opening the front and back door!

GCC X380

The GCC X-252/380/500 series offer an economic alternative solution for laser cutting and engraving.
GCC X380 is the most popular model of the X series with a working area of 960 x 610 mm.
It is a flexible and multi purpose machine in a competitive price, suitable for installation in small-medium spaces for customers that demand reliable operation and a well established manufacturer behind.

It has a strong, rigid body, using closed loop DC servo motors and achieves very fast cuttings and engravings with remarkable quality.
X380 uses innovative and patented technologies developed by GCC, like SmartCENTER™, that allows the immediate placement of the job in the center of the object we are engraving.

With auto focus -with just a sinlge press of one button- we are always confident we are each time accurately in the right distance from our material, providing excellent focusing of the laser beam.

With the unique technology Drag n Play, the operator can at any given moment drag the carriage by hand, exactly on the spot that he wants and the machine will execute the cutting or engraving job at that point.

It is accompanied by a user-friendly and functional Windows Driver, that allows the use of the machine directly from your design software. It also includes a special feature for stamp engraving with adjustable Ramp Shoulder Levels, majorly improving quality in the stamps.

You can even engrave on taller objects, since the depth of the working table can go down up to 165 milimeters!

With the (optional) Pass-Through feature, you can open both the front and back doors for placing longer object with ease!
Additionally, you can purchase the SmartBOX Cutting table (optional), for cutting smaller pieces and holding thin materials with the use of negative pressure (vacuum)

Key Features
Subcategory Laser Cut, Engrave, Mark
Machinery Kind Laser CO2 for Acylic, Wood, Paper, etc
Laser Source Technology Glass Laser
Width 960 mm
Length 610 mm

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