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GCC S400

GCC S400

GCC S400

Featuring a modern design, and maximum processing speed of 140ips, S400 is also equipped with a color touch screen panel. It offers absolute ergonomics and ease of use, also inheriting all the advantages of the well known Spirit Hybrid !

        GCC S400 – Highlights:

  • Faster production keeping all levels of detail!
  • Easy operation with a 4" touch panel!
  • Excellent dust and derbis suction, thanks to SmartFLOW™ technology!
  • Greater productivity, using SmartACT™ technology!
  • SmartLID™ provides ease of access for regural maintenance tasks!
  • Possibility to use both on organic materials using the CO2 laser and metal objects with the Fiber laser source, in one machine.
  • With the optional Pass Through feature, you can open the front and back door, to place and use longer objects
  • It can be equipped with a CCD camera for outline cuts of printed objects.

Inheriting all advantages of the Spirit Hybrid, the brand new GCC S400 offers you the faster production in engraving and cutting, compared to any other Laser machine of this category, producing incredible engraving and cutting quality even to the most difficult jobs.

With the 4" color touch panel, operation becomes fun and easy providing all the features you need in your fingeripts.
With the addition of SmartFLOW™ technology for the exceptional suction of dust and derbis in the working area, and SmartLID™ covers for easy access to performe regural maintenance tasks, S400 will help you carry out all your ideas with ease, safety with the speed of light!
With the proprietary -patented- tecnhology of SmartACT™, that reduces excessive movement of the carriage, you can reduce work time even more, contributing to bigger productivity.

It utilizes a user friendly and operational Windows Driver, that allows using the machine straight from your design software and includes an intelligent Stamp feature with adjustable Ramp Shoulder Level for extraordinary quality in stamp engraving.
With the SmartPIN™ AutoFocus, the material will always come automatically and with great accuracy to the right focal lenght, enabling the perfect cutting or engraving quality. You can even engrave on taller objects, since the depth of the working table can get down to 280 milimeters!

With the (optional) use of Pass Through, you can easily place longer objects, since the front and back door can open to enable more possibilities for your business.
It works well with outline cuts of printed objects, while the (optional) CCD Camera guarantees you maximum speed and accuracy in such applications.

Key Features
Subcategory Laser Cut, Engrave, Mark
Machinery Kind Laser CO2 for Acylic, Wood, Paper, etc
Laser Source Technology RF Laser
Width 1053 mm
Length 647 mm
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