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VenusLF mini450PRO DTF System

VenusLF mini450PRO DTF System

DTF 45CM mini450PRO

VenusLF DTF 30CM mini300PRO, is a complete production system for heat transfer stamps, suitable for a wide range of applications!
Printing directly on Film and automatically applying the special powder on the stamp, it allows market reach that till now, could only be covered by screen printing!

VenusLF DTF 30CM mini300PRO  - Highlights:
  • Excellent print quality, incredible detail, vibrant colors!
  • Easy to use, automated production procedure!
  • Low operating costs, high productivity solution!
  • Great speeds with great quality, 2 latest generation printheads!
  • No need to prepare the fabric (no pre-treatment)!
  • No weeding and peeling!
  • Suitable for small productions without waste of material or use of screens!
  • Wide range of applications!

VenusLF mini450PRO DTF System, prints with excellence and stability, in great speed, thanks to 2 printheads with 2160 nozzles in total, so that white printing is not any more a reason for delays.

It accepts roll of Pet Film at 45cm width
and prints up to 42cm.

The automated system for powder application and drying, completes the procedure simply and fast, while the automatic take-up system, will provide a dry and ready to transfer rolled Pet film, with the stamps you asked.

All the consumables of the machine are of excellent quality, providing reliable operation of the machine, excellent print quality and very vibrant colors on your stamps, while same time
maintaining the endurance of the final product!

The new revolutionary DTF (Direct to Film) technology, completely changes the game!
It fills the gap existed between screen printing (that requires large production volumes) and the production of CMYK + White stamps for small and medium production volumes, easily, quickly and in competitive operation costs.
It prints directly on film CMYK and white, automatically applies the special powder and delivers completed, ready and rolled, many or a few meters of film with stamps, ready to be heat transfered.
Stamps can be transfered with a typical heat press, onto polyester, cotton or mix-blend fabrics, leather, wood, canvas, denim, sweaters, bags, T-shirts and a huge variety of other materials!

Endurance of the final product is exceptional and perfectly meet the requirements of even proffesionals who until now, only trusted screen printing!

Take your business to the next level, by taking clothing decoration one step further, without preparing costs, in very good production times, no matter if you are printing just 10 or 200 t-shirts!
Promote brand new ideas, with heat transfer on a wide range of materials, where only limit is your imagination!

Key Features
Subcategory Printers for Textile Applications
Machinery Kind DTF Printers
Width 45 cm
Length Roll