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Xpertjet 1341WR-PRO

Xpertjet 1341WR-PRO

Xpertjet 1341WR-Pro

The XPJ-1341WR-Pro is a 54” (137,1 cm) wide water-based inkjet printer featuring new unique Mutoh core technologies to bring consistent performance, high-quality output and reliable volume production features.

Xpertjet 1341WR-Pro - Highlights

  • Water based inkjet printing up to 1371 mm (54”) wide
  • AccuFine 1600 extra wide print head on board :
  • Double gain : speed and quality !
  • New i-screen weaving technology delivers exceptional print quality
  • Three different print head heights
    Production speeds : 11.8, 15.2, 20.1 and 29.2 m²/h
  • 4 colour setup
  • Unrivalled useability thanks to multiple new unique Mutoh core technologies
  • Environmentally friendly printing - high level of operator safety
  • Space saver design – safe & easy to use

XpertJet 1341WR-Pro

The 54” (137 cm) wide water-based XpertJet 1341WR Pro dye sublimation printer will deliver everything you have come to expect from a Mutoh wide format printer – a robustly built and reliable printer, delivering you high quality output – first time, every time.
The XpertJet 1341WR Pro has Mutoh’s ultra-wide AccuFine 1600 piezo variable drop print head on board, delivering best in class drop placement accuracy and i-screen, our new weaving algorithms which suppress banding even further.
Mutoh DS3 series all round dye sublimation inks with increased colour density deliver reduced ink consumption, faster drying and compatibility with lightweight papers. The inks come in degassed 1 kg pouches for reliable jetting, excellent image defini-tion and sharpness.
The XPJ-1341WR Pro delivers consistent quality for volume production runs as well as short print runs. A short learning curve towards consistent production is possible thanks to the integrated sensor enabling multiple automated adjustments and optional motorised take-up systems.

Key Features
Subcategory Sublimation Printers
Machinery Kind Sublimation Printers
Printing Technology Sublimation
Width 1,37 m
Length Roll

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