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Puma IV 60 /LX

Puma IV 60 /LX

Puma IV series 60 - 132 - /LX

The PumaIV series enchances the ability to complete a variety of applications with great efficiency that satisfies various needs of a sign-maker!

Puma IV - Highlights:
  • Cutting force up to 500 gramms !
  • Cutting speed up to 1020 mm/s !
  • 5m of continuous media tracking capability !
  • Section Cutting Feature for easier handling of very long jobs !
  • Excellent connectivity with 3 connection ports: Ethernet, USB & Serial !
  • Enchanced AAS II System: Optical Mark Recognition for Contour Cutting (LX versions)
  • Segmental Position can correct - optimise a crooked print with extra marks registration (LX versions)
  • Windows Driver for sending jobs directly from Corel !

Puma IV 60 has a working width of 600 mm and can accept media up to 719 mm maximum width
With cutting speeds up to 1020 mm/s, cutting force of up to 500 gramms and media thickness allowance up to 0.8mm, in combination with the continuous media tracking for 5m, it will satisfy most needs of a professional.

Puma IV is equipped with the most modern innovations of GCC :

LX versions are equipped with Enchanced Automatic Alignment System II (AAS II) for mark detection, allowing the cutting of printed materials easily and with absolute precision, even when there is an error or defection of the print area, because you can manage the job in sectors/segments and use additional seperate marks for each sector.

Even if we feed our material rotated, with automatic mark recognition, the machine rotates the job accordingly!

With the Selective Pinch Roller Positioning, we can move each roller individually for the perfect fit on our material, even when they are not the standard dimensions.

Thanks to the Section cutting feature, we can split very long jobs in segments and work them individually for hassle free management of the material and precise cutting.

You can choose if you want to contour cut, or just draw on a media, easily, swapping the tool on the carriage in a minute.

Very user friendly, equipped with a 20 digit, 2 lines LCD Screen and 14 buttons for the ease of every day use. Store up to 4 presets (Knife Pressure, speed, knife offset) for the media you are using the most.

Key Features
Machinery Kind Roll Cutter
Width 600 mm
Length Roll