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VenusLF MF1700-M5

VenusLF MF1700-M5

VenusLF MF1700-M5

VenusLF MF1700-M5 is a Reliable Roll Laminator with affordable price and high built quality!

Its reliabilitity is proven due to 100+ installations in Greece and thousants of installation world wide!

It uses GREY Silicon Cylinder with the Highest Quality of its category!

VenusLF MF1700-M5 - Highlights :
  • Cold Laminator with infrared heating support system!
  • Silicon Cylinder - GREY !
  • Cylinder diameter: 130mm!
  • Heavy duty construction!
  • Max Width: 162cm 
  • Max thickness of material: 23mm 
  • Max speed: 7m/min
  • Max temperatur of upper cylinder ~60-100°C  (infrared)
  • Protection and Safety - Laser Sensors !
  • Foot pedal !
  • CE certified!

VenusLF MF1700-M5 Roll Laminator is the Best Seller in its category!
With more than 100+ installations in Greece and thousands of installations abroad, you can feel confident in its reliable operation!

It has a solid and stable construction and uses upgraded Silicone Cylinders, in GREY color to stand out from the M1 orange cylinders.

It has an affordable price and offers much more than it costs!

MF series is available at 2 widths. Series MF1600 has width 152cm and MF1700 Series with 163cm

An essential tool next to any large format printer, it offers the necessary protection for your prints and ensures security and safety for your work and your customers!


Key Features
Subcategory Meta-printing machinery
Machinery Kind Roll Laminator
Width 1,62 m
Length Ρολό