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VenusLF DW6040

VenusLF DW6040

VenusLF DW series

VenusLF DW series  is a really economic series of CO2 Laser machines,with acceptable performance for the majority of customers !
They fulfil the production needs, for cutting and engraving on wood, acrylic and other organic, non-metal materials
VenusLF DW series - Highlights:
  • Rigid construction, reliable operation, water-cooled!
  • Reliable motion system, great cutting & engraving quality!
  • User-friendly, coloured control panel!
  • Built-in ammeter for complete control of the power!
  • Electronic Up-Down Table!
  • 2 Tables - Stripped & Honeycomp Table Included
  • Air assist for cutting, with adjustable flow!
  • Smart and functional fume extraction design!
  • Connectivity through Ethernet and USB!
  • CE Certification!

VenusLF DW6040 is an economy CO2 laser machine, suitable for cutting and engraving organic and acrylic materials, like wood, plexiglass, paper, stamp rubber, and other materials.
It has working area 600mm x 400mm.

It is equipped with one CO2 Glass Laser tube.

There are available 2 verisons :

with nominal power of 60W and peak power up to 80Watt.
with nominal power of 80W and peak power up to 100Watt.

With its automatical control of Up-Down position of the working table, you can easily handle engragings on different and much thich objects.

Key Features
Subcategory Laser Cut, Engrave, Mark
Machinery Kind Laser CO2 for Acylic, Wood, Paper, etc
Laser Source Technology Glass Laser
Width 600 mm
Length 400 mm