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VenusLF MF20-P-C

VenusLF MF20-P-C

VenusLF MF20-P-C Fiber Laser Marking

VenusLF MF20-P-C is the perfect Fiber Laser Marking machine, for excellent detail marking on Metal, Stainless, ABS Thermoplastic and other materials!
It's small, desktop, enclosed, safe, cost friendly and has incredible marking speed!

VenusLF MF20-P-C - Highlights:
  • Desktop, Compact Design, easily fits in really small places!
  • Marks up to 100x100mm with incredible detail!
  • Fully enclosed, offers maximum security and operator safety!
  • Marks directly on Metal, Stainless, Plastic and other materials!
  • Marks directly on several objects and products!
  • Marking speed is unbeleivable fast!
  • USB connectivity for easy access on any computer!
  • CAD/CAM software is included!
  • Easy cooperation with other design software. Supports most known file formats like AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, JPG, etc.
  • Marking and creating barcode/QR codes!
  • CE Certification!

VenusLF MF20-P-C is the perfect Fiber Laser Marker for workshops and small industries!
It marks with excellent detail onto many metal and plastic objects like mechanical parts, advertising gifts, keys, knives, keychains, accessories, faux-bizou and jewelerry, souvenirs, electical components, clocks and belts, medical instruments, car accessories, mobile devices, and almost anything you can imagine!

With a state of the art of technology, Fiber Laser source, it fulfils alot of professionals, as it can mark on goldsmith materials, industrial thermoplastics, non-ferrous and ferous metals, stainless, brass, bronze, zinc alloy, nickel plated, galvanized and almost most materials on the market!
It is equipped with a Galvo Head with proccess area of 100mm x 100mm and produces the absolute quality and finest detail when marking even the smallest letters even not easily recognizable by bare eye!

With electronically controlled movement of the vertical Z axis, it is easy to adjust the proper distance from the material.
In addition to the ease of execution of the job, with one single single button, it is accompanied with a foot start pedal, to further ease the process in bigger productions.

Machine is operated through a CAD/CAM software (included), which allows drawing or importing files from other design software. It accepts most common file extensions (AI, BMP, DXF, PLT, etc) and provides with easy to use routines for repeating your job, barcode creation, fill engraving and even more!

It is fully CE certified, since it has a fully ENCLOSED WORK AREA and a special tinted protection glass door that blocks Fiber Laser beam's wavelength, while allowing user observe the job.
It is equipped with a safety switch to prevent the Laser from working with the door open, fume extraction system and a safety on-off button for turning the power supply to the laser off.

Optionally, it can be equipped with a Rotary Module, for marking on cylindrical objects

Key Features
Subcategory Laser Cut, Engrave, Mark
Machinery Kind Fiber Laser Marker
Laser Source Technology Fiber Laser
Width 100 mm
Length 100 mm