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VenusLF CMA1610 B-A /180-200W

VenusLF CMA1610 B-A /180-200W


VenusLF CMA-B-A is an economic, modern and with great performance series of CO2 Laser machines!
They fulfil the production needs, for cutting and engraving on wood, acrylic and other organic, non-metal materials
VenusLF CMA-B-A - Highlights:
  • Modern Look - Modern Design!
  • Rigid construction, reliable operation, water-cooled!
  • Reliable motion system, great cutting & engraving quality!
  • Water-Cooled lens holder, for seamless operation in production conditions!
  • User-friendly, coloured control panel!
  • Built-in ammeter for complete control of the power!
  • Stable cutting strips table, better cutting results!
  • Air assist for cutting, with adjustable flow!
  • Smart and functional fume extraction design!
  • Material Collection drawer, easier production management!
  • Placing and using of very long objects!
  • Ergonomic for cleaning and maintenance tasks!
  • Connectivity through Ethernet and USB!
  • CE Certification!

VenusLF CMA1610-B-A /180-200W is a CO2 laser machine, suitable for cutting and engraving organic and acrylic materials, like wood, plexiglass, paper, stamp rubber, and other materials.
It has working area 1600mm x 1000mm.

With it's smart design, it can easily manage even larger materials, thanks to the special openings of the machine.
It is equipped one single high power CO2 Laser tube, with nominal power of 180W and peak power 200Watt.
Power is produced from one single laser tube, with true 180-200W and not from a combination of 2 lower power tubes.
This allows stable operation of the machine and higher performance compared to machines with nominal power of 250W that comes from combinaton of 2 lower power tubes.
This kind of power, allows the machine to cope in production terms, with cutting through thicker materials, like 10-15-20mm, since the power performance is A LOT HIGHER than any 130w/160w laser.

CMA1610/180-200W, additionally is also equipped with WATER-COOLED MIRRORS.
Thanks to it's Water-Cooled Lens Holder 
but also the WATER-COOLED MIRRORS, it can exceedingly utilize the 180-200Watt of laser power!
This meand it can work non-stop, even for 24h, without the focus lens getting too hot (that would reduce the quality of the focused beam, making impossible the stable & continuous production).
All these are combined with a reliable motion system and an 'intelligent' cooling unit for stable working temprature.

VenusLF CMA1610-B-A /180-200W has an ammeter built-in, easy accessible to the operator, allowing full control of the Laser tube.
Full control of the laser and proper use of the machine, according to laser tube manufacturer specs, ensure the long lasting and stability of the tube. On the user-friendly coloured control panel, you can store up to 99 files, so you can reproduce your jobs even without connected to the computer.

The special Cutting Stripped Table (included) allows cut pieces drop into the 2 drawers below, allowing clean cuts, without the risk of pieces staying vertical during cutting, disturbing the path of the carriage and interrupting the production procedure.
With the smart design of the under working area
space, suction of fumes is done in an exemplary way!
Suction is done from below, giving the operator the ability, when covering the whole working area to be able create negative pressure (vacuum) effect, holding materials in place.
Excellent suction and ease of cleanliness, ensure operational safety, as the leftovers and dirty surfaces could be dangerous for any laser machine.

Machine is operated through a CAD/CAM software (included), which allows drawing or importing files from other design software.
It accepts most common file extensions (AI, DX, PLT, BMP etc.) and provides with easy to use routines for multiplying your job in array, or fill engraving!

Every VenusLF CMAxxx-B-A is CE certified and meet all requirments for Class1 safety, with safety switch disabling the firing of the laser with open door, with a button to enable/disable power supply to the CO2 tube and protective see-through lid for overviewing while working, that absorbs the laser beam.

Besides the cutting strips working table, there is an optional honeycomb table, easily interchangable for use with engravings, allowing flexibility during your production

Key Features
Subcategory Laser Cut, Engrave, Mark
Machinery Kind Laser CO2 for Acylic, Wood, Paper, etc
Laser Source Technology Glass Laser
Width 1600 mm
Length 1000 mm