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VenusLF in brief..

VenusLF is the brand we use for the Private Labeled products, we import and promote in the Greek market.
Machinery and Consumables, all products under VenusLF label, are chosen under specific and very strict criteria.
This way, the clients that have chosen to trust this label can be sure, the product will be a perfect choice, with very good price to value ratio, and will fullfill all quality and security regulations that apply for the European Union.

Terms and Conditions that accompany every machine under the VenusLF brand:
-The MANUFACTURER that builds the machines, has all necessary Quality and Safety Certifications, regulated by the E.U.
-It is established and well accepted internationally, even if it's not well known in Greece.
-Has a structured and organized technical department with engineers that are constantly available and with good communication abilities.
-Has significant previous experience with OEM cooperations.
-Can incorporate our terms, specifications and additional demands, in the subsystems we want to emphasize.
-We have cross checked with colleagues in other countries, that the manufacturer has an excellent after sales support.
-MACHINERY are of high build quality and can stand worthy of performance compared to their counterparts from well established brands.
-Prices are fair & competitive, always with excelent price to performance ratio.
-The first import of machines, are thoroughly tested and inspected for quite a time from our experienced technical department, before they give their approval for promoting each model.

As for the Media & Inks carrying the VenusLF brand, the specifications are corresponding, so that each customer entrusted a product, is ensured to be completely satisfied and continue every time to show his trust to VenusLF brand.

Each time a customer trusts VenusLF, he knows that beforehand, a human mechanism with deep knowledge and expertise, have ensured thorough attention to any and every detail that can make the difference and offer a secure and stable solution, reliable, with very good performance and fair price !