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SUMMA in brief..

Summa is a manufacturer of innovative cutting equipment that helps companies and people to finish their applications to the highest standards.
Companies from all over the world use our cutting solutions for products in the printing, signage, display, apparel and packaging industries.
It is thanks to Summa's large network of valued resellers that can deliver professional product advice and service worldwide. Summa is recognized for its high-quality vinyl cutters, finishing flatbeds and laser cutters which provide companies in printing, sign-making, textile, industrial and packaging industries with the most innovative cutting solutions.

Summa started in 1987, when a factory in Gistel, Belgium, that had assembled recording devices for the manufacture of precision optical lenses since the early 1970s, began modifying pen-plotters for use in vinyl-cutting applications.
Today, the evolution of that company is Summa nv, formed in 1999 from CalComp Display Products nv. (formerly Summagraphics) and merged with CadCam Technology in 2018.
Along the way, Summa has revolutionized printing and cutting technology and have become a recognized global leader in our industry.

Datataworks is Official Distributor in Greece for Summa's roll cutter plotters.

Opos-X & Opos-Xtra Technologies

Opos X
Opos Xtra

Flexcut technology at both S One and S2 series

FlexCut 1
FlexCut 2

Coloured Touch Screen

S One Colour Touch Screen
S2 Colour Touch Screen

Legendary Tracking System & Connectivity

Tracking System
Ethernet Connectivity

This is how True Tangential Technology looks like