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SUMMA S2 Class T Series

S Class 2 ™ Tangential Knife cutters are manufactured with the highest engineering and the most advanced cutting technology, to offer amazing contour cutting accuracy, even in the most demanding graphics.
The legendary performance of the tracking system, in combination with the smart function OPOS X guarantees an excellent result, even in very small and demanding stickers!

S Class 2 ™ Tangential Knife  - Highlights :
  • S2 T75, S2 T120, S2 T140, S2 T160!
  • High performance cutter for large vinyl cutting productions with excellent precision in contour cutting!
  • True Tangnetial Knife cutting head!
  • Speed ​​1414mm/s (diagonal) and 600grams cutting pressure!
  • Maximum acceleration up to 5.5G (diagonal)
  • Legendary vinyl tracking system accuracy!
  • Top of the class, drive system!
  • FlexCut fearture!
  • OPOS X optical recognition system for contour cutting!
  • Ergonomic and intuitive color touch screen!
  • G-Performance function! (optional)

The S2 T140 is Summa’s large-medium vinyl roll cutter from the S2 T Series and represents the ideal cutting solution for sign makers who want to automate their cutting workflow and extend their cutting applications.
S2 T140 accepts media 170-1450mm wide, cut 1350mm (+70mm at 'oversized mode') while provides 600gr of cutting force and speed up to 1414mm/s (diagonally).

Designed specifically for high-volume cutting environments, S2 T140 unites power and precision.
This is a do-it-all dynamo with the resilience to perform day in and day out.

Key Benefits of S2 T140:
Features advanced Tangential Cutting Technology with computer controlled blade rotation and 600grams cutting force.
Ergonomic design and User-friendly features!
Legendary tracking performance!
Connectivity and Summa GoSign software!

S2 is the Advanced Cutter Series, for high volume vinyl and digital print shops.
S Class 2™ Tangential-Knife cutters feature the highest quality engineering and most advanced cutting technology to deliver astonishing contour cut accuracy for even the most challenging printed graphics.
It combines S Class power and precision with a state-of-the-art True Tangential™ cutting head.

These cutters are built on a foundation of rock-solid reliability and include smart features to boost efficiency in your cutting workflow handling virtually any material you feed them and grow along with your business needs and aspirations.
Boasting an astonishing array of industry-first innovations and built-in capabilities, the S2™ T Series simply cuts with more force and accuracy than any other vinyl cutter in its class.

True Tangential cutting technology
The highly-engineered tangential cutting heads on the S  Class  2 T Series power through heavy sandblast, paint mask and reflective materials with incredible ease, speed and accuracy.
These exclusive cutting heads provide you with unrivalled, True Tangential Technology and unmatched die-cutting precision as no other roll cutter.

A broad range of integrated and optional features further enhance your cutting workflow and production to deliver perfectly cut end products fast and efficiently.

The Optical POsitioning System (OPOS) is an automated contour alignment system.
The OPOS X sensor technology senses 4 to 128 marks on a wide range of materials. Enjoy a fully-automated workflow using OPOS barcodes, enabling you to contour cut multiple jobs without intervention!

FlexCut is an included feature, available on all Summa vinyl plotters, the S One and the S Class 2 Series.
It was designed to add more flexibility to your production.
Summa's FlexCut feature enables you to cut through simple designs in the media, without damaging your roll plotter.
By alternating between cutting through the media and half-cutting the vinyl, the Summa vinyl plotter creates small media "bridges". These bridges allow the cut media to stay together with the rest, allowing Summa Cutter to keep on feeding the cut vinyl!
All procedure is easy to handle, once all parameters, as cutting force, size and distance of the bridges, are easy and fully controlled from the user.

G-Performance (optional)
This mode is designed to enhance the speed and performance of digital finishing operations on the S2 roll cutters up to 40%.
This is especially noticeable on a faster reading of the registration marks and when cutting wider substrates.
Especially within large industrial environments, the G-performance mode will prove its worth and give your overall workflow a serious boost.

Summa GoSign software
Powerful in-house GoSign software, allows you to manage your preferred workflow straightforwardly and with great flexibility.
Legendary performance Reliable material transport through Summa's legendary tracking system combined with the smart OPOS Xtra feature guarantees meticulous processing of very small sticker jobs.

Key Features
Machinery Kind Vinyl Cutters Roll
Width 135 cm
Length Roll

Summa S2 Class G performance